Friday, December 21, 2012

Three and a third

Grandpa “breaking his boob” last month was Alex’s verdict of why Grandpa was in hospital, which was actually for a suspected heart attack. A initially told me that Grandpa had broken his heart - until he lifted up his top to show me where, and he encountered a nipple. Hence the broken boob. Good news is Grandpa didn’t break either his heart or boob and, even though the blood results were elevated, they ruled out a heart attack after spending the best part of a week flat on his back. Which is GREAT news as he had a triple heart bypass a while ago.

Our next medical emergency (using that term very loosely) was Alex getting a splinter in his finger from the stakes holding up the tomato plants. Normally this wouldn't be worthy of a mention, but it ended up being the first indication that he had school sores (impetigo) – not that we knew it at the time. Mister Huge wouldn’t let us get it out for a day, so the blister was a fair size by the time he actually let Nik near him with tweezers. Loved the confidence of the child that “it’s REALLY good now” when you asked him how it was, even after the blister popped and half of the skin on his finger peeled over the next few days leaving a very unhealthy looking mess. We ended up at the doctors with him about two weeks later as he had a sore boob, which was luckily a result of the sores near his arm pit and not anything to do with his heart (ha ha).  Full course of antibiotics later and he’s right as rain again, ignoring the two cases of gastro he’s bought home from childcare in the last month and happily shared. Lucky for us Tajy isn't so sharing and kept his latest childcare ailment (conjunctivitis) to himself. The boys are now on first names with our GP.

Swimming lessons are continuing to be a huge hit, and I think we’re more excited than the boys are as we don’t have to get into the pool with them now. They literally throw them in the deep end, and there’s a maximum of four toddlers per class. They use floaties most of the time, but do some stuff without (jumping in, floating on their backs). Main skills they’re learning at this stage is how to propel themselves, as well as safety stuff such as kicking back up to the surface when they’re under water. After Alex hating any type of water on him other than a shower for the past 18+ months, we now have a true water baby who spends the majority of the lesson with his face in the water. Tajy is, as usual, in his own world and I have to laugh with the amount of times the instructor calls his name each lesson in an attempt to get his attention.

Chasing trains and hunting fire trucks is an event that occurs every weekend now, with Alex being train mad and Tajy loving the fire trucks. Good news is we’ve found an area not far from the new house where both are located so we drive past the fire house to chase a train or two (street runs parallel to the track and it’s in an industrial area so is super quiet on the weekend, so we drive alongside the train before we run out of road) before heading back past the fire house on the way home. Tunnels are the other huge favourite, so we’ve taken note of all of the underground car parks to please Master A. Funny thing is he’s even impressed with going through the McDonald's drive through... Boys are loving the warmer weather and are very happy recipients of an ice cream cone (30 cents on the Good Value menu, thank you very much!) even though Tajy requests hot chips whenever he sees the McDonald’s big ‘M’ sign. Even at 10am. This child would live on hot chips, potato crisps and chocolate if you let him. Oh, and seedless grapes.

Random thoughts I'll capture before I forget: Alex is 105cm and weighs around 19kg, Tajy is 100cm and 16kg.  As I keep saying to people, Tajy isn't little - it's just Alex is off the chart (literally).  Tajy can be lazy with his speech and we have to do a concentrated effort every few weeks with him to speak words and not whinge.  Alex's fascinated with new and old, and everything is new if he hasn't seen it before.  Or can't remember seeing it before, as was the case this morning when he asked for a particular pair of shoes and then announced they were new.  Um...  Laugh every time he asks someone if a particular item of clothing is comfy, and announces that his xxx is super comfy when you ask him. "It's SO cute" is the announcement whenever we come across something in miniature, such as the mini mangoes I bought home today. Other fascination is his belly button which he is constantly trying to squish in.  Lovely thing we've noticed now is how they actively look for each other to play, and how Alex explains things to Tajy.  And the cat after she accidentally scratched my leg ("caty, you can't hurt mummy - ok?").  We've installed new screen doors on the house this month, put on a new motorised roller door (Nik's in heaven) and a mega solar system on the roof.  Picking tomatoes daily is one of the joys of having a large garden.

We moved Alex into a big bed last month, and will upgrade Tajy while I’m on leave over xmas (he’s still in his toddler bed). Think caty is already eyeing up which cot size mattress she’s planning to claim as her own.  Continuing toilet training will be our other main holiday activity. As will be running after these two.

Merry xmas and happy holidays everyone.

Getting into the xmas spirit. 
Alex was SO excited to meet Santa.

Arts and crafts from school
(the antlers are tracings of their hands).

Not sure if Tajy is playing or sleeping here.
Either way, child care is hard work.

Water babies.

We went on a paddle steamer cruise, but the
rusty trains in the adjacent park were a bigger hit.

The most exiting event of Tajy's life - waking up to
find a FIRE TRUCK outside, and then spending half an
hour in it (crew were incredibly bored after being out
most of the night guarding a fallen power line).


Doug and Bill said...

These photos are sooo cute. You have such an amazingly beautiful set of babes. Happy happy holidays from our family to yours...

Stephaniekb said...

Gosh they are tall! Love hearing how they are doing. Micah starts swimming lessons again in January... hope he gets as good as your two soon. After a long night of trying to get Micah to bed last night (he has found a very effective way of procrastiating -- by being extremely cute!) we were talking about how much more challenging it must be with twins. I bet they keep you very busy!