Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Kindy kids

Huge, HUGE day in our house yesterday - boys started kindy! This is the first year of only an annual intake (instead of multiple throughout the year), so boys will be the "big kids" already as some of their class mates won't have turned 4 yet. And the biggest pressure as far as I was concerned? Having to send a packed lunch - haha. Hopefully the third variation of lunch box we purchased holds just the right amount of food. Taj is going to find not being able to raid the kitchen whenever he likes a tad tough. Lucky for him they're only going one full day each week, so he can happily pillage and plunder on the afternoons they're home. So how did they go? Alex bounced around and was the life of the party while Taj was in his element with "arts and crafts" supplies on tap. Sounds like he wasn't seen without scissors, a paint brush or glue stick in his hand all day. The teacher is highly impressed they can both write their names.

Summer has been fun in our house, except for a heatwave or two. Alex was overjoyed that the forecast was for 42 degrees yesterday as that red sun on the TV weather means they get to go in the pool. It's only a blowup number but it works a treat for them. Nik not so much.  They went bowling for the first time last week and visited the zoo, train museum, a few restaurants and spent a day at the pool when we had friends over just after xmas. You know we got up to a lot when Alex announces "I've had a GREAT holiday" and we hadn't been anywhere. Even catching the bus into town so they could ride on a tram was a huge hit - getting to sit in another fire truck was just an added bonus.

Dinosaurs remain the toy du jour in our place, with the remote control dinosaurs they got for xmas making an appearance again this morning. The recent zoo visit was definitely a bigger success due to the dino exhibition they're currently showing. Boys loved that they moved and made sounds. Gift shop was just about as big a hit as Alex managed to score a T Rex book, which we've nicely complimented with visits to the library. They definitely know most of the names ("that's a stegosaurus mum") and its great spelling practice. Boxes from the supermarket make great caves and high rise apartments for our herd. Tickle feathers are also in, so we hunt for feathers when we're out and about. Boys got the most amazing collection after visiting my brothers house on the weekend as he breeds parrots, including those amazing bright blue macaws with those long tail feathers. Score!

They both crack us up daily, with a few highlights being:

* T "I am the present" vs being Santa helper (see photo below).
* A constantly reminding us to "ssshhhh" as we were driving around looking at xmas lights as it was night time (so we had to be quiet), even though every window in the car was up.
* A "if I plant a seed [from the bread with heaps of grain], will it grow a sandwich?"
* The playroom being renamed as "the shed".
* A requesting a soft needle for their travel vaccination ( as "sharp doctor medi" hurts).

All has been good on the medical front lately, except for hayfever and Taj getting an ear infection (only time Nik washed his hair they both forgot to put in the ear plugs). Boys both had minor conjunctivitis which resulted in a three day mini vacation being cut to one night. Alex has thrown a few fantastic tantrums, but hopefully we're over that as I kept reminding him they scored so well at xmas as they're nice kids - and nice kids don't throw major wobblies. And while I'm on the xmas subject, I'll quickly capture what we gave them so I have a record somewhere: books with reader; superhero bath paint; dinosaur tshirts (from each other); car track thing that attaches to the table (from the cat). I got a purple dinosaur. Roughly did their heights last month and Alex is still around 90% on the height chart (projection 185cm) and Taj 50% (projection 175cm). Will be interesting to revisit this post when they're 15 and see how accurate it is! There's about 7cm between them still. We rarely get asked if they're twins now.

And that will do from me (the "old sea creature" - absolutely no idea why) until I attempt to upload photos later. Ciao!

 Kindy is obviously VERY hard work - completely
trashed after day one.

 Santa helpers or presents (according to Taj).
I think we all agree they're the best gift ever.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Santa visits 2013

And it's definitely VISITS (as in multiple) as every Santa we came across during December had to be visited to remind him that B1 and B2 would like a remote control dinosaur for xmas.  Luckily he took note of the visits and emails and delivered.  And then he left some bikes "by accident" in the shed so the boys were very spoilt.  And that's before any presents from the rest of us - which will be another very late blog post, seeing it's already Dec 27th...

Hope everyone survived the silly season and the credit cards didn't take too much of a hammering either in the lead up to xmas, or in the boxing day sales.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Four and two months-ish

Whoops, it's been two months since I last blogged - so much for this being my 'baby book' recording all of the boys achievements and notable moments. Luckily I've got a list on the go at work so I've been able to capture a few things.  Highlights recently include:

* Tajy - "I love to talk". Really? We would never have guessed.
* Alex - "Will you two stop talking? I'm trying to sleep" when Nik and I were chatting in bed one morning well and truly after the sun had come up.
* Tajy - "CHIPS!!!" every time something goes wrong and/or he crashes into something. Pretty sure the word he wants starts with 'S' and has lots of the same letters, but this is one instance we're not going to correct him.
* Tajy - more general complaints re how loud everything is. And nope, it's not loud buddy - you can hear what everyone else does now.  Those grommets certainly are working.

We're all good and we definitely have grown up kids now. So laughed when they weren't even fussed when I went to a wedding last weekend (on my own, no drama at all as it was one of our best friends so I knew a gazillion people) as Nik had a Batman DVD for them to watch (or dvdvd according to Tajy) which was very obviously a MUCH better option as far as little people are concerned. I completely made up for abandoning them by bringing home two bunches of balloons. Would have been fab if I hadn't got them tangled as it took Nik and I at least half an hour to separate them again. So not impressed when I walked into the lounge room a mere six hours later and one lot were already flat. Not happy Jan!! I sneak them out (with permission of the groom), get past hotel security, disappoint at least five kids who were playing outside as I wasn't giving any away, drive home without being able to see out the back window, give up even more sleep to separate them and they go f-l-a-t. Boys still enjoyed playing with them.

We've been in the new house for a year now and have started to have people over now the backyard is in order. Wood fire oven has had a workout and we've finally done pizzas in it. One word - sensational!! Boys routinely ask who's coming over with the next mob to be the newly weds and our other mutual friends. Might need to wait to it to warm up slightly again. You can definitely tell it's spring as the temperature here is varying up to 15 degrees. It's super windy outside and I've just spent five minutes explaining to Alex that it's cold and raining (not hot and raining like it was the other day), hence him having a jumper on. Somehow this led to a conversation about snow, which occurs here about once in every twenty years. So as much chance of that as stolen helium balloons staying inflated in this house, ha ha. Had ceiling fans installed in the bedrooms last week in anticipation of a long, hot summer. Got new drawer / book shelf / desk units for Alex recently so his room is now fully organised.

Time to share a few photos and then get back to studying.  Final unit of my second degree and I am being severely punished for waiting 18 months to attempt it.  One assignment and one exam to go and I am finished.  Just in time too - think B1 and B2 will be coming home with homework sooner than later...

Demonstrating how not to blink while watching a DVD
Anything with bats on it is a HUGE hit, so
funny Halloween masks and headbands it is!  

Tajy contemplating his next career move

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Four. You guys are four. Not two (as my old boss thought when I was speaking to him yesterday), or eight (as Alex was showing us last night when he held up four fingers on each hand). You're four. So, before you get fully into school and being influenced by peers and all the rest, I thought I'd capture my wishes for you.

Alex: it's ok to play with boys that are your age even if they're smaller than you. Don't be so keen to follow the big kids whenever you encounter them as they can do stuff that you can't (as they're older and stronger). This frustrates / hurts you, but they're not doing it on purpose ~ you'll understand this as you get older too. I love that you say Taj is your best friend and how kind and considerate you are to him, even when he's being a bugger to you. Keep enjoying books as much as you do. Even though it's super funny when you do the full body stamp, we'd really appreciate it if you went back to stamping one foot - or none at all.  You are such a ladies man, and daddy already calls Lily's mum "the mother-in-law".  The caty thinks it's great that you two fight over who gets to feed her.

Taj: I want you to remain soft and gentle. You can rough and tumble with the best of them, but I love love when you sit on my lap (there's a lap, you're on it) and touch my face when you want my attention. I've seen you do this to daddy too. I'm not sure if it's because you've had some issues hearing over the last year so you think we can't hear you either. Regardless, I love it. I also love your hugs (squishy booby hugs are still great) and how you sing to yourself in bed when you're drifting off to sleep, or first thing in the morning when you're still in bed. You talk all day AND all night - even in your sleep. Feel free to grow out of whatever makes you scream nightly around 11pm. Sooner or later we wish that you'd learn to give whatever it is you're playing with to Alex voluntarily.  And remember that there's more to life than playing with a smart phone or camera!  And well done with your first operation this month (the expected grommets) - you were a real trooper considering this was your first time in hospital.

And yes Tajy, "it's OUR birthday"...


Monday, July 22, 2013


Taj was diagnosed with glue ear a couple of weeks back, and we’ve now realised that he’s had reoccurring ear infections. We knew his speech deteriorated every xx period but hadn’t realised it was probably the result of an ear infection each time. He’s back to the doctor again on Friday and I expect a referral to an ENT shortly. I have no issues with grommets being inserted, even though some think they’re unnecessary as the infection will go away itself over three months or so. Agree, but reading back I can see we’ve been having on and off issues with his speech for around a year – so I don’t think this will go away on it’s own anytime soon. We realised something was up this time as he was incredibly loud and was standing really close to the tv. Happy to report that both issues have been resolved with the latest round of antibiotics (Alex was very upset he couldn't have any of the "doctor medi" as it was pink). Alex is great at being quiet when he's asked to be, but we're still hunting for Tajy’s “off button” with no luck. Tajy lasts all of three seconds before he's back at full volume again.

Backyard renovations are now complete and the last load of rubbish went last week. Boys are loving the grass area and the bike track around it.  Nik is loving not having to do anything except maintain it all. We still need to get the kitchen painted but it's good that our painter is off on holidays for a few months as the roof leaked yesterday so we’ve now got a splotchy ceiling that needs to dry out. Think that will happen pretty quickly as the gas heating is permanently on.

Random recent occurrences:

* Alex asking "did you understand that mummy?” after he finished a long winded explanation yesterday
* new worker at the child care centre not believing the other staff that the boys were twins, until she checked the enrolment paperwork herself
* current addiction - capes. Superman capes, Batman capes, red satin capes with a batman logo (thanks grandma!), baby blankets tied around your neck, towels attached with a peg. The more the better.
* squishy hugs
* "wowsa" is a standard word in our house

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Seriously, they're nearly four.  How did that happen? I'm much more in shock about this than Nik turning 40 earlier this month. He may beg to differ!  Thought I might capture the boys personality traits as, as usual for me lately, photos are on my computer and I'm using my phone.

Tajy continues to be everyones helper and he is never happier then when he's beside you hard at work. He's still our quiet boy (when he's not screaming, ha ha) and is happy to do things like help himself to cereal (luckily without milk) and turn on the tv while everyone else is still in bed. Speech continues to be a challenge at times, but he's excellent at repeating the same thing ten times when he wants something. Or makes you ask ten times before he hands whatever over. He has a death wish and is going to get seriously clobbered one day (through either being a pain in the butt or ambushing you out of nowhere). He loves to colour. And cuddle with me - with him standing on his bed and using my boobs as a cushion. Pretty sure he's coming down with another bug. His eyebrows are still fair and his ears still floppy. Both boys can pick themselves in photos, but there is a bit of confusion with their baby baby shots when neither of them had very visible brows.

I've been away with work this week and Alex seems to have grown an inch taller in the three days I was awol. He's about 7cm taller than Tajy, and is taller than most of the older kids at childcare. I must get them both to jump on the scales while we're at the parents on Sunday (we still visit weekly). Alex looks out for his brother (or son, as he often refers to him) - beautiful example was him calming T while I was away by telling him that I'd be back in a couple of days. Think Tajy was missing those fabulous hugs! Alex will also willingly pass over whatever he's playing with if Tajy has got upset as he's dropped / broken his. He continues to he completely aware of every muscle in his body and sticks every landing, to the degree that I've stopped telling him not to jump off xx. Alex instigates the nightly colouring session, but is much happier to delegate his drawing to either Nik or myself. He's good at his letters and numbers and recently spelt his name on a keyboard. Good job buddy! They'll both happily write their names with pen, pencils, chalk or fingers on the shower door (while they're in the shower). Nightly reading is also a big deal, with Alex happily reading the hungry caterpillar to anyone.

Swimming lessons continue, and they're doing ok without the floaties now. Must get organised and book them in for gymnastics soon. And, as usual, I'll come back and add photos to this post in the next few days.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Three and three quarters

Boys continue to crack us up just about daily with the latest offerings out of the mouths of babes. Highlights from B1 include:

* heads up regarding his upcoming schooling - "school" now (childcare), then after he's a "kindy kid" they're off to the "big school" and I'm sure he even mentioned "high school"
* having issues with wearing clothes that aren't size 3 as "I'm not that big yet" - maybe not in age, but you definitely are in size buddy
* not quite being able to name the characters in Play School as Jemima came out as something that rhymes with part of the female anatomy that starts with v (nearly fell off my chair trying not to laugh with this one)
* the latest "when I get a girl..." is he wants one just like mummy who also has long hair (bonus gold stars awarded here)
* telling me to move my big bum over so he could jump into bed with us (subtract ten gold stars, and subtract a zillion brownie points Nik had racked up as he laughed so hard he nearly fell out of bed - would have solved the space issue if he had!)

Boys had a great debate last week about do babies wear shoes, so while we were on the baby topic we introduced the fact that babies come from hospital - and some come from a baby hospital in India. Alex is convinced you go to India to get a baby, so this will give him something to think about. Definitely not discussing babies come from mummies tummy (or a borrowed one) after the big bum comment...

Big moment at swimming on Wednesday as boys graduated to the next class, which is down the shallow end and no floaties. Will be very interesting to see how they go.

Lots more progress on the house since I provided an update - kitchen is done except for painting, backyard pulled apart and lawn being laid next week ("pulled apart" included moving two garden beds brick by brick, and selling the remaining 328), new hot water that has the temperature controller again, replaced the toilet and purchased the floor + feature wall tiles for when we have money to do the ensuite.

I had an anonymous comment left a few months back commenting about how we've managed to afford surrogacy, a new house and a new car. Amani and I have spoken about this at length and why we can afford surrogacy is most of us are older, so we've been working forever and have equity in our houses we can draw against - which we have (to the hilt, as have most people I know who have created their families in a similar manner). We also have a new house as we moved further out (so it ended up being cheaper) and the new car resulted in more $$ in our pocket (as it's salary sacrificed). So that's how we have it all! With an incredible amount of hard work. And banks and credit card companies as our best friends.

This update seems to be Alex focused, so lots of Tajy photos to balance it out.

Practising with the duck whistles
from Singapore

New rubber boots - all fab, until
they got dirty

Tajy's bruised nose I mentioned
last month. Nicely compliments the
bruise on his forehead!